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The FDA has found high levels of the cancer- causing 1,4-dioxane in cosmetic raw materials and finished products, such as shampoo.


CTFA-supported draft proposals to ease the process of cosmetic manufacturers obtaining safe use determinations under California's Proposition 65 are expected in 2002.

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10 Best Makeup Ideas for Your First Date

If your first date is around the corner, a couple of days, chances are your nerves are severely strained. It is indeed true that a great partner will appreciate who you are and not just how you look. But impressions do matter a lot, and you want to present your best possible self. Of course, you want to appear alluring to someone you have met on the SnapSext dating service. This snapsext review highly recommends the service for singles. Follow these tips to add some charm to your look:

1. Add Volume to Your Eyelashes

It is a good idea to add fake lashes to add volume to your eyelashes. Make use of eyelash curlers to give them proper form. Follow this by adding a mascara layer. Then create more eyelash volume by adding fake lashes. Keep in mind that you need to use eyeliner when you choose this makeup tip.

2. First Date? Still a Date

It is so easy to use too much makeup on your first date. The degree of makeup you apply should also be decided by the location and time of the date. Think, smokey eyes are great for dinners but not suitable for brunch dates.

3. Minimum Does the Trick

Be natural, be who you are on your first date! A pinkish lip balm, a little amount of blusher and some foundation are all that is needed.

4. Highlight Your Facial Features

Pump up the skin volume by highlighting facial features like the brow and cheekbones. You can also do the same for your cupid bow. Choose two highlighters and make sure they shimmer.

5. Trust Only the Tried and Tested

One thing you want to avoid on a first date is a new, untested look. It sounds exciting for sure but isn't exactly the wise thing to do. Even then, you may decide to opt for a new look or even a beauty product. Try out the look at least the night before the date.

6. Add a Cute Hair Accessory

Adding a cute hair accessory, which really makes you shimmer, is a great idea. This will help you make your hair look stylish.

7. Highlighted Copper Eyes With Winged Liners

This is a great makeup to wear even on occasions that are not necessarily romantic. In fact, you can put it on all the while. It makes you look pretty and glow with beauty!

8. Don't Use Bright Lipsticks

This advice is more relevant if you are sticking to a casual look for your first date. Avoid being too bold and using darker colors for your lipstick. In fact, the ideal color to suit the occasion is a flirtatious pink. Another good idea is to use a nude shade lipstick.

9. Pair up Pink Lipstick With a Cat Eyeliner

We all have seen the red lipstick and winged eye look all too often. And since we talked about wearing pink lipstick in the last idea, let's talk about pairing it with cat eyeliner. This is a great color to boost your femininity and appear colorful. A cat eyeliner combination will bowl your partner over.

10. Curl Things Up

A bit of a curled hair adds that perfect amount of a dreamy look. If you weren't blessed with naturally curly hair, go ahead use curlers. Try to ensure a natural shape, though!