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How safe are your cosmetics and personal care products?

Do you really know what's in them? Each day, we are exposed to some two hundred synthetic chemicals--without our knowledge. Skin, hair, body, and beauty products are loaded with potential irritants, carcinogens, neurotoxins, and hormone disrupters. Enlightening and empowering, Drop Dead Gorgeous is a timely, much-needed resource that reveals the dangers of these common household products and exposes the lies of the c osmetics industry. It also shows you how to read and interpret misleading product labels and identifies the nine most hazardous ingredients on the market

Drop Dead Gorgeous is packed with natural alternatives and easy-to-follow recipes for safely creating your own cosmetics at home. You'll learn how to make your own moisturizers, bath oils, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, and much more--all safe enough to use even on babies' sensitive skin. You'll also find treatments for everything from acne to eczema to brittle nails to dandruff. If you prefer the convenience of shopping off-the-shelf, you will find numerous nontoxic products by a variety of manufacturers in the Smart Shopping sections. Plus, a glossary provides definitions of uncommon and common ingredients to help you create products specifically designed for you.

Looking good shouldn't jeopardize your health. Drop Dead Gorgeous shows you how to create your own healthful, safe, and natural beauty--and what could be more radiant than that?

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Kim Erickson.
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