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Kim Erickson’s lifelong fascination with cosmetics, coupled with a growing interest in environmental health, inspired her to first investigate the health impacts of synthetic cosmetic ingredients more than ten years ago. She has decided to share what she learned with other women in her book, Drop Dead Gorgeous, published by McGraw-Hill/ Contemporary Books.

“If you care what you put into your body, you should care what you put on it,” says Erickson. “Women use products full of dubious ingredients every day, unknowingly exposing themselves to carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, allergens and irritants. Fortunately Drop Dead Gorgeous will arm them with the knowledge they need to protect their health and give them natural alternatives to chemically-laden cosmetics.”

After more than five years of research and hundreds of interviews with leading experts and women across the country, Erickson exposes the cosmetic and personal care industry, alerting women to the dangers lurking in their bathrooms and make-up bags. Although knowledge is power, Erickson strongly believes in providing easy and affordable solutions. Her ‘Smart Shopping’ lists give busy women healthy alternatives to conventional products. Drop Dead Gorgeous also contains over 100 simple, all natural formulas for making everything from moisturizers to deodorants.

The author of numerous articles, Erickson’s writing on health and natural beauty has also appeared in Sierra, Veggie Life, Natural Living Today, Herbs for Health, E: The Environmental Magazine, Delicious!, Great Life, Cooking Light, Vegetarian Times, Better Nutrition and Herb Companion. A freelance writer since 1993, she has also contributed to and served as an editorial consultant for Home Made, Best Made (Reader’s Digest General Books, 1998).

Long considered an expert in natural health and beauty, Erickson is certified in nutrition, herbalism and body care. The mother of two, she also shares her home with her husband, Mike. Since beginning this project, Erickson has replaced all her own cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives.

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