Take Action!

E very woman has the right to enjoy healthy beauty. Reading Drop Dead Gorgeous will let you know what’s really in the cosmetic and personal care products you use every day. But simply switching to natural cosmetics won’t stop the cosmetic giants from peddling an ever-increasing number of toxic products.

The most effective way to force manufacturers to address the hazards posed by their products is to hit them where it hurts - their profits. Make your voice heard and tell the cosmetic industry that you are boycotting their products until they put women’s health first.

Since corporate America rarely takes action without a regulatory push from the government, you may also want to drop a note to your U.S. Senator and/or House Representative asking for legislation that would make the laws governing cosmetics more protective of women’s health.

Click on the pictures below for sample letters you can modify and send to cosmetic manufacturers and your legislators. Feel free to add details of your specific concerns and experiences.

Let the cosmetic companies know what you think

Ask your legislators for tougher cosmetic laws

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